Industrial Alliance Securities inc. (iAS) is proud to contribute to the strength of independent Investment Advisors. 

Such Advisors, free to exercise their skills and choose the products they sell while getting the proper business and compliance support. 

A privileged and continued relationship

By partnering with iAS you retain control of your clients. Your efforts to maintain your investors’ loyalty are enhanced by the added value of expertise, reputation and work environment offered by iAS. The special relationship you have with your clients is the basis of our business model.

Retain control of your business

As an independent, you manage the development of your own business according to your original vision of investment services. By joining iAS, you retain your freedom with regard to the strategic direction of your business. The decisions you make will always be in the interest of your clients and your business. As a partner, iAS supplements the strength of your decisions. The steps you take to increase your clientele will always remain under your control.

Support infrastructure

iAS offers support to ensure you meet the standards set by the self-regulatory organizations. The trust of current and potential clients is reinforced by the knowledge that behind you there is a nationwide full service brokerage firm. Security of the investment process is enhanced for you and your clients due to the fact that we place great importance on our reputation and take the necessary steps to preserve it.

Join Industrial Alliance Securities inc. and enjoy the benefits of a strong team that is well established in Canada.

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