If you’d like to be involved in the decision-making process for your investments, opening an investment advisory account is your best option,  your Investment Advisor will help explore his choices with you.

Note that opening an investment advisory account offers a flexible and inclusive solution by allowing you to concurrently use a managed account for another portion of your assets. Clients benefit from the flexibility offered by this solution. Your investment strategy may therefore combine these two categories of accounts in order to suit your needs.


Your Investment Advisor will propose an investment strategy which best suits your financial needs. Investment advisory accounts offer you the opportunity to maintain control over investment decisions, while receiving guidance from a licenced professional.

Your Investment Advisor will share with you their investment recommendations* taking into account your current financial situation, investment knowledge, risk tolerance, objectives and investment horizon. You will be able to objectively validate the rationale of your decision before taking action.

* Investment advisory accounts are offered in two Investment Advisor compensation structures: commission or fee based. For more information please contact an Investment Advisor.

“What are my responsibilities?”

This type of account allows for close collaboration with your Investment Advisor for investment selection. To make the most of this relationship, a clear understanding of mutual responsibilities is vital.

The table below summarizes the obligations involved.


  • Stay informed of the progress of your investment products
  • Monitor performance
  • Validate investment decisions
  • Inform your Investment Advisor of any change in personal or financial circumstances
  • Clearly communicate your investment objectives, risk tolerance and  time horizon


  • Know your client profile
  • Provide suitable investment advice
  • Demonstrate a proper degree of prudence
  • Present investment recommendations that are suitable for your profile

Would you rather delegate the investment decision-making process to a Portfolio Manager ? 

A managed account is for you